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The concept of primary care medicine is the patient centered healthcare

Direct  Primary Care is a new take on the latest innovative approach to health care management. This patient-centered approach to personalized medical care is based on an affordable membership model allowing members to have unlimited 24/7 365 day a year access to a health care professional. Members can come into the office, receive home visits, tele-medicine and have all the convenience of a doctors office, without the wait for an appointment. 

Members pay a flat monthly fee that delivers up to 90% of the health care services they need throughout the year with complete around the clock access to personalized healthcare.

Your membership includes routine and preventative care visits, chronic disease management and care, weight loss management, smoke cessation assistance, wellness and *routine blood work. 

What sets us apart from most primary care providers is you can text, call and email us directly.

Our goal is to be the best investment you can make on the most personalized healthcare services.